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Happy Friday! Nothing special happening here this weekend except … I’m MOVING. *panic sound* I’ll let you know if I make it. Here’s some distracting links.

a fun reality check

if you like cute simple planners I just bought this one for school

also bought these cookie cutters, please hold me to task if acorn cookies or acorn granola bars or acorn something don’t show up on the blog this fall

speaking of buying things here is a list of strange things you can buy online, including justin timberlake’s french toast

my new kitchen will never look like this but I can try

don’t know why but this photography project really speaks to me

smooshy cats on glass!

gettin excited about this book

image from instagram

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père lachaise

So I’ve decided to start sharing some images from 2013, when I was traveling a lot. Back then I wasn’t into Instagram or anything but I still took tons of photos (did you know, people who don’t have Instagram still take photos?!) and it’s been fun to revisit them and find a few artsy ones amid the thousands of quick-get-the-shot-to-remember-you-were-there-then-run-to-catch-the-métro-there’s-so-much-to-see ones.

I’m staring with Père Lachaise cuz it was my favorite place in Paris, and if that’s a cliche, I don’t much care!

READ MORE père lachaise

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so I made cherry froyo and it was way easier than I’d imagined (3 cups vanilla yogurt, juice of 2 lemons, dash vanilla extract, whole bunch of cherries, some honey, freeze) ↑

and here’s some links! ↓

hahaha the real cause of that nostalgic pool smell

the most efficient way to hold your coffee cup according to science

the plot of every original baby-sitters club book based on the covers

this exhibit looks amazing

the most popular trump google searches by state. i guess my favorite would have to be washington

this dope project uses surplus food from the olympic village

love these solar photos


meanwhile on instagram

summer instagrams

My Instagram account is still a weird creative space I use mostly for my own inspiration and exploration, and it’s constantly changing. Right now I’m really into rectangles. For no good reason I just love the empty white space between the rows, and the wide format is conducive to all the big messes I like to make on the kitchen table. I love sharing what I’m cooking without writing a whole blog post about it, and I find the black surface so darn photogenic. It changes just slightly in every light. Also I feel sort of justified in buying more dishes from the thrift store.

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