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dip dye affirmations

Something for the soul today: dip dye affirmations. I have a little bowl of random fortunes and quotes by my bed and I love the ritual of reading a few before I go to sleep or when I first wake up, so I thought I’d print some of my favorites on fabric.

It’s important to me to remember the good things in this season of rampant goal setting and resolutions. My long term dreams aren’t going anywhere. Learn to do a cartwheel is something concrete I’ll commit to though … again. Anyone have tips?

My printer did so well with these babies that I thought she could handle some fabric. This project was actually easier than the tissue paper. (You could totally make the affirmations with paper too; the fabric is just a little more special and long-lasting.)

The dyeing process is really spontaneous and meditative and the finished result looks so natural. You can vary the lengths and let them dry in between colors to make graduated effects.

To self-care, ritual, and positive thinkin’.

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moon phase candles

We have no candles. There, I said it. I have too many plants, my housemate has pretty much every board game, and our kitchen has two coffee makers, but we have no candles. Don’t get me wrong, we’re candle people–lots of late night hot chocolate and fuzzy socks in this abode–but we have no candles.

So now we have eight. And now that I know how easy this whole image-transfer-with-some-tissue-paper-and-a-hair-dryer process is, I am considering putting everything on candles, including:

+ pictures of penguins in various stages of learning to walk

+ the many faces of Nicolas Cage

+ all the cringe-worthy yearbook photos

I will let you know how this turns out.

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lemon sugar body scrub

The story of this project is that I was out of body scrubs, I had lemons, and I wanted to photograph something yellow on this new background I painted. It’s also really warm today so I think I’m feeling a little bit spring. Recipe: 1/2 c sugar + the juice of one lemon. Rub it all over your body in the shower. You are loved.


five minute diy felt garland for new year’s eve

Here’s a garland I made for New Year’s! I wanted something really simple and as much as I love the gold and holographic look this fits in a little better with my stuff and stands a better chance of staying up after the holidays. Once you have the triangles cut out it’ll probably take you two minutes to sew together.

This is the felt I had lying around. Anything will work! I cut an assortment of sizes and colors and went for a random effect, but I kept all the black triangles the same size for a little bit of consistency. After I arranged them I just sewed down the center of each one using a machine, but you could easily hand stitch this.

To 2017!

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